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Sonic Toys To Buy

sonic toys to buy

  • Denoting or having a speed equal to that of sound

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  • Sonic the Hedgehog is an ongoing series of American comic books published by Archie Comics, featuring Sega's mascot video game character of the same name. The comic book series debuted in the United States as a 4 part mini-series (issues #0-3) published between November 1992 and February 1993.

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Journalling reads: We also bought him the Lego City Police Station that we had been unable to get at Christmas. Lukas’s bedroom wasn’t quite ready for the Police Station and Fire Station to be assembled. There was a lot of work to be done especially since our deal with Lukas was, that he could only have both of them if he started sleeping in his own bedroom again. Mark spent all day Sunday moving everything out of his bedroom, moving the bed back in and shifting things around in our bedroom to accomodate the chest of drawers. While Lukas has been sleeping in our room the drawers and a few other pieces of furniture have been in his. The problem is when they were in our room last, Logan wasn’t. It’s a bit a squeeze to make everything fit in. Lukas was happy to spend his first night back in there once he had a drink and his new Ben 10 bedding on his bed. He only wondered into us a few times while we were watching Wrestlemania. Monday saw the arrival of my new arch nemesis - the X-Box 360. It’s replaced the Playstation 2 as the bane of my existance. Causing arguments and bickering but I am learning to ignore it all and just tune out the sound of Mark and Lukas arguing over it. I still find it hard to believe they wanted this over a new computer, I was looking at buying Lukas a netbook but Lukas and Mark insisted on the X-Box 360 instead. So far they have 4 games Assassins Creed 2, Batman Lego, Pure and Sonic Sega All Star Racing. No doubt they will want more games soon though. We finished the month up with the arrival of Logan’s Easter present, a 3-1 ride on toy. The steering wheel section is a detatchable floor toy and it converts to a rocker and a ride on bike. Logan really seems to like it and he has already mastered getting off it and standing up holding it.

I've been tagged !

I've been tagged !

Tagged by Choko-Co, Aila, CharlotteOfraises, berlingot, Pounkie and Pistache !

So here we go !!

1. My real name is Delphine, I live in France, I turned 23 few days ago, I have a beautiful cat called Momo and my dream is for now going in Japan to finish my studies (engineering in industrial systems) !

2. I don't sleep a lot, 6 hours per night is enough but in week end I have to sleep 8 hours if I want to be ok for the following week.

3. I love cooking and trying new recipes !

4. I'm afraid of driving a car.

5. I'd like to live in Paris when I'll start working :)

6. I love trying new restaurants.

7. I'm in love with Starbucks Coffee.

8. I like a lot playing video games (DS Lite and PlayStation) my favourite series of games are : Final Fantasy, Zelda, Sonic, Mario and the DDR !

9. I'm afraid of spiders !! I can't even see a very tiny one !

10. I'd love to have a reflex camera but I can't manage to keep money, I always have something else to buy ...

11. I want to travel a lot but I'll always love my country first :)

12. I can stay hours and hours talking with friends :)

13. I love a lot of things related to Japan and Asia in general : bjd, dolls (pullip, blythe, momoko, pinky street), manga, anime, drama (Japanese and Korean).

14. I love cycling ^^

15. When I was a child I was able to stay hours playing with a spoon even if I had a lot of toys around me ...

16. I love to spend a lot of time per day on flickr, discover many thing and making new friends !

Your turn now ...

sonic toys to buy

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