25th Anniversary Transformers Toys

25th anniversary transformers toys

    transformers toys
  • The is a line of toys produced by the American toy company Hasbro. The Transformers toyline was originally created and produced by Japanese company Takara Tomy (Formerly Takara) and branded as Diaclone and Microman.

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8.3.2007 - Transformers

8.3.2007 - Transformers

Top - 'Arc' Autobots
Optimus Prime (20th Anniversary, MP-1 USA Edition)
Side Swipe (Alternators #2 red Dodge Viper)
Hound (Alternators #3 green Jeep Wrangler)
Silverstreak (Alternators #4 silver Subaru Impreza WRX)
Meister (Jazz)(Alternators #7 white Mazda RX-8)
Grimlock (Alternators #9 silver Ford Mustang GT)
Windcharger (Alternators #10 red Honda S2000)
Wheeljack (Alternators #13 white/blue Ford Mustang GT)
Prowl (Alternators #16 b&w Highway Patrol Acura Integra RSX)
Sunstreaker (Alternators #18 yellow/black Dodge Viper)
Mirage (Alternators #22 blue/white Ford GT)
Bumblebee (Classics)

Middle - Decepticons
Dead End (Alternators #6 black Dodge Viper)
Swindle (Alternators #8 yellow Jeep Wrangler)
Battle Ravage (Alternators #11 black Chevy Corvette)
Shockblast (Shockwave)(Alternators #12 purple Mazda RX-8)
Decepticharge (Alternators #14 yellow Honda S2000)
Nemesis Prime (Alternators #24 black Dodge Ram SRT-10, San Diego Comic-Con/Hasbro Direct exclusive)
Rumble (Alternators #25 Honda Civic Si, Wal-Mart exclusive)
Ravage (Alternators #26 Jaguar XK, Wal-Mart exclusive)
Skywarp (Classics, Target exclusive)
Ramjet (Classics)
Astrotrain (Classics)
Megatron (Classics)
Starscream (Classics)

Smokescreen (Alternators #1 blue Subaru Impreza WRC)
Tracks (Alternators #5 blue Chevy Corvette Z06)
Swerve (Alternators #15 red Chevy Corvette Z06)
Autobot Skids (Alternators #17 blue/flames Scion xB)
Rollbar (Alternators #19 red Jeep Wrangler)
Ricochet (Alternators #20 black/flames Subaru Impreza WRX)
Camshaft (Alternators #23 grey Acura RSX)
Alert (Red Alert)(BTA-01 b&w Subaru Impreza WRX Police - Japanese Import)
BroadBlast (Blaster)(BTA-03 gray Toyota bB - Japanese Import)
Tracks (BT-06 yellow Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - Japanese Import)
Meister (Jazz)(BT-08 red Mazda RX-8 - Japanese Import)
Prowl (BT-15 blue Honda Integra Type-R - Japanese Import)
Masterpiece Ultra Magnus (MP-2 - Japanese Import)

Optimus Prime (Alternators #21 red Dodge Ram SRT-10)
Optimus Prime (Classics)
Rodimus (Classics)
Mirage (Classics)
Grimlock (Classics)
Jetfire (Classics)
Cliffjumper (Classics)
Ultra Magnus (Classics, Target exclusive)
Ricochet (Toys R Us Exclusive G1 re-issue)
Grapple (Toys R Us Exclusive G1 re-issue)
Smokescreen (Toys R Us Exclusive G1 re-issue)
Autobot Tracks (Toys R Us Exclusive G1 re-issue)
Hoist (Toys R Us Exclusive G1 re-issue)
Prowl (Toys R Us Exclusive G1 re-issue)
Silverstreak (Bluestreak)(Toys R Us Exclusive G1 re-issue)

Beyond Good. Beyond Evil. Beyond Retail Availability.

Beyond Good. Beyond Evil. Beyond Retail Availability.

As we pass the 25th anniversary of Transformers: The Movie (the animated one, kids), we celebrate in a cool, if somewhat limited, way. Amazon had an exclusive redeco of an equally limited Japanese exclusive Unicron, complete with a newly sculpted head to better resemble the movie's Unicron (the original toy, and every redeco of it to follow, was based on Unicron's Armada look.)

25th anniversary transformers toys

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25th anniversary transformers toys

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