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Boys Toys Age 2

boys toys age 2

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Rubik Cube - Unforgettable Fun Project

Rubik Cube - Unforgettable Fun Project

And here we are! Ready for the 2nd "model" of this new photographic project. Actually I'm getting so much fun with it! :)))
Haven't you ever hear about Rubik and his Cube? I never managed to "finish" it. Never managed to obtain a single face with a single colour. Damn!
It's truth! Recently I'm using a lot dark tones but... who knows? It's going natural for me so I accept it and I dont wish to change my present photographic "mood". :D
Hope you like it anyway!
About Mr. Rubik I realized 2 shots (only!). I'm still thinking about the next subject game or toy to include in this project.
I've many ideas, I remember many nice and cool toys/games of my childness but it's not easy to recover them. Believe me.
I want to say thank you to Angelica, friend of mine. She gave me the chance to use her Cube for this.

Ed eccoci qui! Chiusa la parentesi Monopoli, ne apriamo un'altra con il 2° giocattolo scelto come "modello" per questo progetto fotografico che mi sta davvero divertendo moltissimo.
Il famoso Cubo di Rubik! Non ditemi che non lo conoscete.
Ho provato da ragazzino a completarlo! Missione fallita. Anzi credo di non aver mai completato neppure una sola delle sue facce colorate. Non faceva decisamente per me.
E' vero, devo ammetterlo! Ultimamente realizzo scatti piuttosto "chiusi", cupi, con vignettatura ma.... oh e il mio attuale "photographic mood" e non riesco a cambiarlo ne desidero farlo! :) C'e un tempo per tutto. Per ora gira cosi.
Spero vi piacciano comunque!
Tornando al Cubo... ho realizzato (solo) 2 foto. Il Monopoli mi offriva decisamente piu versatilita.
E sto gia pensando a quale gioco/giocattolo della mia infanzia/adolescenza (sebbene molti siano ancora attualissimi) utilizzare come mio prossimo modello.
Le idee son tante, ne ricordo decine (anche grazie ai Vs suggerimenti) ma reperirli, credetemi, non e per nulla semplice.
A tal proposito desidero ringraziare Angelica, un'amica che mi ha prestato il cubo per realizzare questi scatti.

Simone Cento Photography © all rights reserved - dont use this image without my authorization

age 2 many toys (horror vacui)

age 2 many toys (horror vacui)

I was thinking about vacuuming the living room and decided shooting it was easier ;~))
There was an art term I learned in art school something like
Horror Vacui...? in reference to Hieronymus Bosch and probably his "Garden of earthly delights" - I'm pretty sure it meant something about "no where for your eye to rest" but to me it means more like no where for the vacuum cleaner to work! ;~))
That would describe my living room on a daily basis ;~)
wikipedia here I come...

boys toys age 2

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