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  • Peppa Pig is an animated television series created directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies and distributed by E1 Entertainment. To date, two series have been aired, while the third began screening in May 2009. It is shown in 180 countries.

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29.11.08 - Peppa Pig and Mummy Pig have fun at the pond.

29.11.08 - Peppa Pig and Mummy Pig have fun at the pond.

Such a lovely day today, my Dad was over from Greece and came to see us. The girls haven't seen him since September (except for an ichat), they were delighted to see him! We popped to Toys R Us and ELC so he could buy Phoebe's birthday gift and the girl's christmas gifts. We decided to give Phoebe her birthday gift early (the Peppa Pig set and a couple of jigsaws) so Dad could see her enjoy it and oh boy she enjoyed it!

15.03.10: Me & My Pram

15.03.10: Me & My Pram

This is Sebastian's absolute favourite toy at the moment - his Peppa Pig pram; which we had to buy after he fell in love with one he played with at a friend's house.

He pushes his "bee-bee" [baby] everywhere in it, but evidently today decided that he needed to sample it for himself!

buy peppa pig toys

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